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Frequently asked questions

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What is GS Office Suites?

GS Office Suites is an office space rental agency that provides a variety of aesthetically designed private offices & Workspace with state of the art facilities & technology located at The Penthouse, GS Court, off Mabogunje road, Oniru, Victoria island, Lagos. Our business philosophy is based on high levels of industry collaboration with partner networks; building our business connections on our commitment to providing stellar results and thus ensuring that our relationships lasts a life time.

Why should I join GS Office Suites?

GS Office Suites thrive in providing businesses with stylish workspace and commitment to assist your brand cultivate their business anywhere in by providing the business address and communication system without the expenses that come with keeping up a physical location. It also offers your brand at all times the best fit in your client’s schedules and promoting a community of happy and engaged employees.

What is the difference between GS Office Suites and other Coworking spaces?

Members of GSOfficeSuites will benefit from an aesthetically designed conducive working environment, shared skills and resources, increased motivation, Swift and dynamic working hours, flexible price terms, an expanded network of professional contacts and a sense of community that fosters business growth.

What type of membership do GS Office Suites offer?

We made it super simple for you. Feel free to join us for a day. Or if you’d like to join us for 1 month, 3 months, or annually you can do so. The longer your membership with us, the better the price.

Is there a monthly time limit with my membership?

Feel free to spend as many hours you’d like as long as it’s within the coworking hours of that venue (8am – 6pm). All membership plans include this.

What about electric outlets?

We’ve got you covered. The front desk associate is prepared to make sure you have all the power you need. Just ask.

What information do we need to submit when we apply?

Once you fill out the generic form, you’ll be able to upload the necessary documents to move forward. We will need your business registration documents, valid means of Identity Card and any permit information on your enterprise.

Can I invite other people to Cowork through GS Office Suites?

Absolutely! Tell everyone about GS Office Suites and how we are collaborating to change the way coworking and the community combine forces. Just remember, the more GS Office Suites members that come to your location, the more you earn a prize.

Can I use the mailboxes to receive post?

The use of a mailbox for coworkers is possible on request, but only for reserved month bookers who book at least three months.

Can I officially register my company, association or other institution at GS Office Suites address?

Yes, this is possible for the monthly bookers who have booked at least 3 months and also external companies after a business check. Find out more about registering a business address via email:

Do I get a permanent desk?

Coworkers that book a full month, normally get assigned a dedicated desk. Weekly or daily bookers need to work on different desks, subject to availability.

Do you offer a free trial day?

Unfortunately this is not possible, however, you are welcome to pop in for a coffee and have a tour around our terraced Penthouse that provides our clients with an expansive view of the city of Lagos, graced with a collection of stunning fixtures and fittings.

Do I receive a private key?

Our exclusive workspace has a modern electronic locking system. Monthly bookers get a key fob and can work before or after the official opening times in the coworking space. The deposit for the office key is subject to membership

Can I work in the evening?

Monthly bookers are getting a key fob and can work from 6am to 10pm 6 days a week.

Is there any additional costs for cleaning, etc?

No, with the booking price plus VAT everything has been cleared and the complete infrastructure is available within that price.

What about the internet?

Our coworking space has a VDSL & LTE 80 Mbits and a cable 120 Mbits Internet connection, every workplace has a Gigabit Ethernet network port. In addition, 4 Wifi hotspots are available around the space.

Food and beverages?

The office has a refrigerator, two small kitchenettes and microwave, where you can prepare a quick lunch, we also have a water dispenser for self-service.

Alternatively, only 100m down the road are Landmark event center, Oniru Private Beach, Art Café, VI, Four Point by Sheraton and restaurants such as Chicken Republic, Barbican Flames, Hard Rock Café and Amazon Spur Steak Ranch are only about few minutes away. Otherwise you will find several bakeries and supermarkets nearby.

Is there parking space?

Free private parking is available onsite.

Can I bring visitors or customers?

GS Office Suites monthly tenants can use the conference room for stipulated hours per month free of charge. However, this space cannot be used spontaneously, but can be reserved at the front desk. If you want to hold daily seminars or workshops, additional time can be booked at low rates.

How do I book a desk?

For daily, weekly or monthly bookings please use our contact form online or alternatively you can send us an email (


All private offices include fiber internet, office furniture (desk & chair), mail service, utilities, cleaning services, our business address, logo on directory board, and access to amenity space


The number of desks and chairs depends on how many people you need it set up for. Let us know how many of each you would like prior to move in and we will have it all ready for you on the day of move in.


Absolutely, we want you to make your office comfortable for you! Many clients bring furniture or artwork to decorate their offices. We just ask that the office be returned to the condition prior to move out.


Absolutely, our staff member at the front desk accepts packages as well as sends them for our clients. Depending on your location, you will have a package box that they will be placed in or our staff will bring them to your office for you upon arrival. You will always be notified when a package arrives for you or your company.


Yes! Just let us know when you will be visiting different cities where we have other GS Office Suites Coworking locations. We will let the manager of the other center know, and you will be able to use the co-working space during regular business hours. We would love for you to be able to see what all of our centers have to offer.


Examples of administrative services include but are not limited to: PowerPoint presentations, running errands, picking up lunch, making travel arrangements, printing & binding projects, data entry, expense reports, and many other things! If you need any administrative work done, please let us know, and we are happy to help.